Since its inception, Alphalink has made a niche for itself in the market due to its dedication to support the customers, both logistically and technically. Alphalink supplies a range of products including testing equipments and all the hardware requirements for cable installations sector.We have grown over the last few years due to our high level of customer retention. Some of the features on which the foundations of our business is based are:
  Alphalink has an excellent inhouse training centre in Dubai, equipped with highly skilled staff, where training is imparted to its customers on the various test equipments and cable laying machines. Technical training is provided directly by Alphalink to all customers.  
Alphalink is ideally positioned to provide rapid response technical support to all its customers from its offices in UAE. With a fully trained support team, any queries or problems that might occur can usually be resolved directly by us.
We suggest products to our customers depending on the application as well as the budget of the customer. Of all the major suppliers into the Middle East market, Alphalink prides itself to be one of the most cost effective solution provider. We never compromise on quality, offer an excellent product range and an instant response to customers needs at a price that will make you reconsider the value of any existing supplier you may have.
Alphalink maintains a good stock level of a wide range of test equipments and cable laying equipment. This enables us to cater to the immediate requirements of many customers.
Alphalink has a unflinching commitment to quality which is never compromised. Before supplying any product into the market, we have suitability in the market, both in terms of quality as well as application.


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