Optical Fiber Fusion Splicers and Cleavers - SUMITOMO  
Type 39 Single Fiber Fusion Splicer
Field proven core aligning splicer: thousands are in use, all around the world. Now with improved durability. LC version has universal clamp for primary, tight and loose secondary fiber splicing. Two heat shrink ovens increase your productivity. Long life battery for over 200 complete splice and heat cycles.
Type 66 Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer
Mass fusion splicer for up to 12 core fiber ribbons. Fiber holders with 3 Trizact for extra grip. Two ovens means no more delays waiting for shrinking sleeves. Large screen for clear display of all fibers. Tough clear shield permanently protects the display.
Type 25e
The new T-25e feature improved optical technology utilizing your choice of an economical one camera or an industry standard dual camera splice loss estimation system. The improved optical technology, combined with a quicker splice protection sleeve heater, allows the unit to deliver a typical splice time in less than 11 seconds for SMF or MMF. It can be used four core fiber ribbon splicing also.
The FC-6 is a traditional bench top cleaver, simple and easy to use. It is available with or without an off-cut collector. The FC-7 is a one step handy cleaver, originally designed for aerial splicing work. All FC-7 cleavers have an off-cut collector inside the cleaver body. FC-6S-C & FC-6M-C have a large and practical off-cut collector. Fiber off-cut collection is fully automatic on FC-6S-C, FC-6M-C & FC-7 cleavers. FC-7R cleavers can make 24000 cleaves without needing any blade adjustment. FC-7’s ergonomic design gives easy hand held operation when there’s no bench top.
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