Tools and Consumables  
Buffer tube + Outer jacket stripper  
The black outer jacket stripper has a range from 4.8mm to 8.0mm which is perfect for cutting the outer jacket of the break-out or fan-out cable.
  3 Peak Cable Cutter
From small size break-out cable to 3mm cable, it provides a quick, easy, reliable and clean cutting. Due to its hard chrome plated blade, it can also be
used for kevlar cutting.
Vessel Jacket Stripper  
This popular automatic hand stripper has knife-type blades for general purpose stripping of 2-3mm fiber optic cable.
  Miller Stripper
This tool is specially designed for stripping 250um buffer coating, 900um and hard buffer material.
Clause Strip Tool  
The 1.0mm diameter stripping hole at the tip of tool can be used to strip the fiber jacket up to 3mm. The 140um diameter hole and V-shaped blade allows removal of 250um, 500um coatings and 900um buffer tube.
  Clauss High-leverage Kevlar Cutter
This kevlar cutter provides a good solution for trimming the kevlar that serves as the central strength member in fiber cable.
Round Cable Stripper  
This precise stripper is designed for stripping
round cable from 4.5mm to 25mm in diameter. The adjustable blade allows cutting depth up to 4.5mm, even strong protective outer jacket can simply be stripped off.
  Cable Sheath Cutter
It is an ideal tool in cable sheath slitting for both divided and undivided cables.
Bare Fiber Adaptor  
For Testing the Cable drums.
  XP Fit Plus Termination
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