Fiber Optic Test Equipments - EXFO  
  Polarization and Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer  
  Single Ended Dispersion analyzer  
Core and Metro Networks Solution Optimised for 100Gbit Transmission.
Fewer truck rolls and reduced OPEX: single ended testing of multiple links from one location
Polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and chromatic dispersion (CD) measurements for all types of networks
Accurate results on the first measurement, thanks to a testing approach compliant with the latest standards, including EIA/ TIA FOTP-243 for PMD and EIA/TIA FOTP-175B for CD
Fully automated, highly intelligent interface
One test solution for all dispersion testing—for reduced APEX
  Dual Ended Dispersion Analyzer  
Ultra Long Haul and Core Networks Solution Optimised for 100Gbit Transmission for most accurate CD or P MD testing.
Uses the phase shift method for an uncertainty of less than 0.2% (best on the market)
A must for any network targeting eventual 100 Gbit/s transmission
Designed for applications ranging from metro to ultra-long-haul systems
Uses the general interferometric method, which allows accurate testing on buried and aerial fiber links, amplified or not
A must for any 10 Gbit/s network or faster; 100 Gbit/
Designed for applications ranging from metro to ultra -long-haul systems
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